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I don't know how many Factorio developers browse this SR, but I think it would be cool to have trading cards and special emotes, like some of the item icons or.Contribute to riatzukiza/factorio-mods development by creating an account on GitHub.WIP. It's like Black Market, but better! Features Buy and sell items in normal and logistic chests and your inventory; Set up autotrade entries for your inventory to.Factorio - Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies. Factorio is a simulation, strategy video game that is developed and published by Wube Software LTD. Build and create automated factories in Factorio. At first, everything will be done manually, like mining ores, chopping trees, creating mechanical arms and transportation belts by hand.Logistic network. Depending on the type and configuration of the chests and area of the Robotic network the robots will transport items between these chests as a power-hungry alternative to moving items manually, or by belts or Railway. However, robots offer much higher mobility, since they can fly over obstacles in a beeline.Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating.

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Allows the trade of energy between energy networks belonging to different forces. Electric trading stations sell energy to other adjacent stations within 3 tiles distance. These both automatically buy and sell energy, depending on supply and demand.Factorio is set to eat up even more of your time now that it runs. like you want a cross between Factorio and Offworld Trading Company.Factorio. Fri 10/11 am - pm; PC Tourney. Rocket Sky · Pokemon Go Trade Meetup · Mario Kart 8 - Time Trial Results · Monster Hunter Generations. Factorio is a game in active development, and this information may go out of date. Factorio version 0.13 added a huge number of combinator features, most of which have seen widespread use. I therefore expect them to remain in the game. However, Factorio's active development means that details and individual features may change.A mod for Factorio which adds a way to buy and sell items. WIP - coopmaster/GalacticTradeMod-FactorioThese are marked "Trade goods" in description, separate category in inventory is created for them. 6. Paying off the debt as soon as possible is the target for now. 7. You can now send Marketing Beacons to space to permanently increase the price of the Trade Goods. 8. Saturation mechanic - sending a lot of the same Trade good will reduce its price. 9.

At one point there was a Factorio scenario called "Great Divide" which had iron on one side of a divide and copper on the other, with two forces separated by a long distance. Not sure what happened to it though.Created Art by yourself draw, paint, craft, cosplay, video, wallpaper. with and around Factorio. NOT for screenshots or videos of the actual game and discussions around them see for that "Show your creations".Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time. I admit it, I turned into a tiny pathetic babyman when one of m’esteemed colleagues suggested I should look at Factorio, a survival-management game about keeping yourself alive on. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This license basically means that you can do whatever you want with the code, just make sure that you give credit to me. If you make a modpack with my mod in it, just let me know.If I ever stop working on the mod, I will most likely edit the post to make sure that it is clear that it isn't being worked on anymore.If that ever does happen without me saying anything, the code can be used by anyone to make a similar mod. Now you can teleport your unwanted items directly to a merchant once a day to turn it into something useful! Design your factory around buying and selling items and become RICH!

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Have you ever forgotten to set a cap on that inserter chest and thought, "oh man now I just wasted a ton of iron and copper for nothing! You can buy the rocket defense just from selling circuits, lots and lots of circuits!This mod adds the ability to buy and sell items in the game at market prices.You unlock the chest by researching market trading which comes after electronics. This mod adds two items (shown below) the buying trading chest (top left), the selling trading chest (top right), the logistics buying trading chest (bottom left), and the logistics selling chest (bottom right).The selling trading chest adds a gui on the top left of the screen (shown below) which shows you information about the sale of the contents.It also has a checkbox that allows you to disable that chest from selling its contents to the market.

Trading efficiency accounts for cost of the trades, but you can decrease the percentage cost with research.The logistics selling chest is a chest that is a part of the logistics network that acts like a requester chest, just with the same functionality as a selling trading chest.The buying trading chest also gives an additional gui that allows the sale of items. [[It shows the info about the sale and by clicking on any of the buttons with item icons, it switches the sale to that item.The textbox is where you enter the amount you want to have in the box, make sure you press the update button to update the information.Also like the selling trading box, it has a checkbox which allows the ability to disable that chest from buying things off the market.

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The copy and paste buttons allow you to copy trading chest values over to other trading chests.The current amount text shows how much it would cost to get the currently requested items, so if you already have 50 iron in the chest and request 100, it shows the price for 50 iron.There are multiple pages of items (which the size of a page can be changed in the config), clicking the left or right arrows will take you to different pages. Developer sale modern trade. The logistics buying trading chest has the same gui, except it acts like a passive provider chest.Once a day, at noon (in game time of day value of 0) , everything in the selling trading chest is sold for credits with a 15% cut of the buying price.In the buying trading chest, whatever item is sold is bought at the amount requested.

Credits are in the top left of the screen (see below).If you don't have enough credits to complete the purchase, currently you won't buy anything for that chest's order (each chest has its own order it request).The price of each item is determined by the resources it takes to craft them, any item that can be crafted in the game can be bought. Nass magnet shanghai trading co. The price is also determined by the crafting time (2 credits for each resource item (recursive)) and if it was smelted (additional 15 credits).Items that have no crafting recipe have a value set manually, so might need balancing.You don't need any research to buy or sell items, you just need the appropriate chests.

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Next to the credits is a button that shows info of your current and previous transactions on the market.You can look at all the days where you had a transaction and how much you gained or lost.You can look through your transaction history with the arrow buttons (outer ones being first and last). Trò chơi olymp trade. Use 0.6.0 if you find issues with 0.6.5 (tested it but not very much) There are two modes for multiplayer, shared and non-shared wallets.The non-shared wallet is more for pvp, but is good for those friends you can't trust!Shared wallet is simply that everyone shares the chests and money, if you decide later to change to non-shared then the current resources just go to player 1.

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Non-shared means that each individual player has a different credit amount and each has their own chests.Those chests aren't protected right now though, that is a planned feature.This is perfect for pvp since you can't effect anyone else's chests unless you have physical access, but you can see how much they have gained or spent in the transaction history! Give feedback if you encounter any bugs since I'm not easily able to test multiplayer with my bad laptop.Also let me know if you want more features for multiplayer! 0.1.0 (2015-05-25): -Initial release 0.1.1 (2015-05-25): -fixed selling values when selling items -fixed all buying chest buying amounts set to 0 when another buying chest is destroyed -added gui for selling chest which shows the value of the items in the chest 0.1.2 (2015-05-25): -selling trading chest gui now shows value it will sell for on the market with merchant cut 0.2.0 (2015-05-27): -fixed all buying chest buying amounts set to 0 when another buying chest is destroyed (instead of being mined) -added checkbox for enabling/disabling the trading for a specific chest -most items are now available on the market at the price of their recipes resource values -support for other mods with a little bit of work required on the user's end 0.2.1 (2015-06-02): -fixed when a trading chest is mined or placed by a robot, it would cause a crash (after trying opening another chest or buying or selling) -if trading chest has more of an item than what you entered to buy, it now shows 0 instead of a negative number -update button in buying trading chest now doesn't set the amount to 0 if a valid number isn't entered -added copy and paste button for buying trading chest -buying trading chest no longer request more items than it can accept -added background for credits amount to make easier to see 0.2.2 (2015-06-07): -base resources that don't have values now are shown when values are shown -added values for NEAR mod (uncomment in control.lua) credit to Syriusz -added and moved loading values for mods there -fixed where modded smelted items didn't have extra value added -added pages for item list and you can now change the size of the item list in the -now reloads all values when mod loads (in case you want to change it in a map you already started) -fixed some mods causing a loop when finding values -added option in config to reload values on load -added a way to blacklist modded items in config 0.2.3 (2015-06-10): -fixed a bug where there wouldn't be more than one page after loading a save with the trading chest 0.3.0 (2015-07-08): -made trading chest show localised name of items -added loading bar to loading items -items without values are now put into a horizontal list that fits the screen if there are too many -you can now disable alerts for trader in -added a button in the top left that tells current and previous transactions -fixed a bug where new buying trading chests would not always be enabled by default -made credits easier to read (by adding commas) -no longer shows alert for trade merchant coming if you don't have any trading chests put down -expanded both trading chests by 2 stacks 0.4.0 (2015-07-14): -added logistic trading chests -fixed a bug where if you started a vanilla game and tried to load galactic trade, it would cause an error -added first and last buttons for transaction history 0.4.1 (2015-07-17): -fixed issue where disabling selling trading chest would crash the game 0.5.0 (2015-07-17): -Updated for 0.12.0 of factorio -item cost now reflect crafting times (may need balancing) 0.5.1 (2015-07-25) -made it to where you no longer need to edit other mods to have my mod work with them 0.5.2 (2015-07-28) -added support for 0.12.1 0.5.3 (2015-08-03) -transaction log now shows signs for positive and negitive for profit and expenses -buying trading chests will now buy as much as it can if you don't have enough money for the whole transaction -added a search field in buying trading chests -current transaction amount for buying trading chests now shows up in text field when opening it -the mod now makes two potential files, one where all items and values are listed.The other one is items which need to have values manually entered.