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USI-Tech Limited “USIT” to evaluate whether USIT has been offering. USIT describes itself as the “first automated trading platform for Bitcoin currency.Although Forex and cryptocurrency can be legitimate products. USI-TECH is not registered to trade in securities in Saskatchewan. People or.USI Tech adalah suatu money game model ponzi, yaitu gali lubang tutup lubang yang dimana money game USI Tech ini bergerak di berbagai.See who you know at USI-TECH TECNOLOGIC, leverage your professional network. participen en los mercados FOREX y de Bitcoin y tengan verdadero éxito. Specialist mortgage brokers. Com o surgimento da USI-TECH os principais detentores de operações com criptomoedas têm sido privilegiados deixando muitas outras pessoas de fora desse mercado altamente lucrativo, com isso, criou-se uma nova “arma” para você entrar nessa “guerra” dos lucros!Clientes com lucros de até 150% Essa é a realidade que os algorítimos do sistema da USITECH tornam possíveis, pois não se baseiam em indicadores como os outros sistemas, permitindo tratar flutuações extremas de mercado sem que tenha perdas expressivas. Pois quando se ouve dizer de trading, muitos nem dão ouvidos por saberem que é difícil de ser operado e com riscos elevados. Você pode começar a participar imediatamente com apenas de investimento.A USI-Tech proporciona além de ganhos fantásticos, várias bonificações que tornam o negócio ainda mais atrativo, além da segurança de estar investindo em uma empresa sólida com diretores de renome no mercado internacional!Além de um time de diretores altamente competentes, a USI-TECH conta com a presença em sua equipe com um dos top 10 Bilionários americanos, Evan Ahern.

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Há 15 anos oferencendo produtos no mercado financeiro, e é detentor de mais de 100 patentes na área de energia limpa.Evan está investindo mais de 70 milhões de dólares na infraestrutura de mineração de Bitcoin da Usi-Tech.Algoritmos com inteligência artificial avançada que são únicos que aplicam uma estratégia de negociação conservadora para minimizar grandemente o risco dos investidores. Quando estiver registado, irá ter ao seu dashboard (painel inicial) e verá os passos rápidos para configurar o nosso software autotrading com as suas preferências! Cách kiểm tra broker trên mql5. USI Tech Limited was a Dubai-based cryptocurrency and forex platform trading provider, suspected to be a high-yield investment program and a Ponzi scheme.USI-TECH Cadastro Suporte USI TECH Brasil Saiba como participar Mineração de Bitcoin Auto-trading Forex Marketing Multinível.USI-Tech’s Product Price and Compensation Scheme. USI-Tech has no physical product that affiliates can pitch to people; an affiliate membership in itself is the only thing that they can sell. It majorly comprises of two virtual products; automated Forex software and Forex Bitcoin trading. In the Forex automated software package.

The problem with USI-Tech’s original model, at least as far as scamming people goes, is that euro is easily traceable.This prompted USI-Tech’s anonymous owner(s) to relaunch as a cryptocurrency opportunity.According to one USI-Tech affiliate, “Hardly anybody is interested in the forex side” of the business”. Revinfiniti forex. In the interest of keeping up appearances and appeasing those who did hand over €600 EUR however, the company continues to offer and support to forex robot.Whereas before the €600 EUR fee was mandatory, now it’s optional.As the affiliate quoted above puts it, USI-Tech’s new bitcoin package offerings are “much more lucrative”.USI-Tech’s new plan is simple: Affiliates invest €50 EUR worth of bitcoin on the promise of a 1% daily ROI for 140 days (140%). The ruse behind USI-Tech’s daily ROI is bitcoin trading, somewhat of a cliché in MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi circles.


USI Tech est un système de trading automatique populaire qui promet des. elle prétend investir dans le minage de Bitcoin et est lié au trading de Forex.With over 20 years of experience and 100 iterations of their unique Forex trading software to date, USI-Tech has been a technology company that specialized for.United Software Intelligence Technologies or USI Tech for short is simply. USI Tech Forex is another excellent way to earn hands off income on auto-pilot. Pokemon trading cards. To qualify a USI-Tech affiliate must pay the €600 forex bot fee and recruit three affiliates who also pay €600 EUR, three affiliates who together invest a minimum of €600 EUR in bitcoin.Recruitment commissions are paid out via a 3×12 matrix.A 3×12 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with three positions directly under them: These three positions form the first level of the matrix.

The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting each of these three positions into another three positions each (9 positions).Subsequent levels of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with a complete 3×12 matrix housing 797,160 positions.Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of new USI-Tech affiliates. Kuo hua trade co ltd. [[Commissions are tied to recruitment and fees and/or investment by recruited affiliates as follows: That USI-Tech is a Ponzi scheme is confirmed by affiliate investment remaining the only verifiable source of revenue entering the company.That and the illogical nature of USI-Tech’s owners being able to legitimately generate a daily 1% ROI in bitcoin and sharing it with affiliates.Trading of currency is not tied to a fixed daily ROI.

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The only type of business model that can provide that level of consistency with such a high rate of return is that of a Ponzi scheme.Speaking of USI-Tech’s owners, since Behind MLM published its original USI-Tech review in late 2016, they’ve been outed as Joao Severino, Horst Jicha and Ralf Gold.Severino is from Portugal, Gold is hiding out in Brazil and Jicha appears to be in Europe. Ngày môi trường thế giới 2017 wikipedia. A PO Box corporate address in Dubai is provided by USI-Tech.However beyond laundering investor funds, it’s doubtful USI-Tech has any physical operations in Dubai.What’s particularly interesting is the claim “USI-TECH NOW IN USA” on the USI-Tech website.

Alexa estimate the US is the top source of traffic to the company’s website, meaning USI-Tech is and always has been “in the USA”.With its MLM offering clearly a securities offering, that nothing comes up for “USI Tech” or any derivatives in the SEC’s Edgar database should be of concern. With promises of magic 1% daily ROIs, it’s easy to forget that USI-Tech launched less than a year ago.Two years on average is about the tipping point for online Ponzi schemes, with USI-Tech arriving at this point a lot earlier. Thuật ngữ tài chính forex. The introduction of bitcoin investment to resuscitate the business will only prop up reserve funds for so long.At 1% a day and with referral commissions to pay out, it takes approximately two to three months for USI-Tech to start losing money.From what I was able to ascertain, USI-Tech introduced bitcoin investment in late May.

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This means we’re coming up on almost two months, or approximately 60% of initially invested funds paid out.The Ponzi veterans trying to recruit you now need you to invest so they can collect their 140% ROI at 140 days.When your own 140 days comes up, unless an endless stream of gullible idiots continue to invest, there’s going to be nothing for you to withdraw. Anyone heard of trading It’s not quite as harsh as the 200% model in 90 days bitcoin scams like Gladia Coin and Jet Coin pushed, but the inevitable collapse of USI-Tech is still going to leave the majority of investors out of pocket.Unfortunately by the time you realize there’s no money left, those who recruited you will have stopped responding to your emails and moved onto promotion of the next Ponzi scam. You may have heard about USI Tech as a holiday story from a relative during Christmas, in a passing conversation at a networking event or even from a fellow friend.

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Whatever your reason for wanting to learn more about USI-Tech, this comprehensive guide will provide you with a snapshot overview of the company, how it works, how much you can earn and an honest opinion from someone who has personally invested thousands of dollars into the USI Tech passive income system.One can really earn a lot of Bitcoin using the USI Tech system, but first, you need to understand the fundamentals of how it works and why compound interest is so powerful.USI Tech is the fastest growing automated bitcoin multiplier investing opportunity in 2018 & beyond. With future opportunities from leasing patented technologies, the intention is to make USI Tech a world leader in technology ensured sustainability. The business model for USI-Tech consists of our money multiplied by mining, trading & arbitrage techniques.The company is also investing in cash ATM Machines to simplify the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency around the world.The ATM machines will be USI Tech branded and generate advertising revenue for independent promoters.