Any good Timurid to Mughals strategy? eu4.

You should really rush to form Mughals asap, since it switches your government and tech group so you can both manage your empire more easily and catch up to the Ottomans in tech. Overall, just try to steer trade to Persia, if you play it just right you can get the entirety of the Gulf of Aden and India steering into Persia, giving you vast sums.R/eu4 A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. Archived. Forming mughals? Ok so i'm playing delhi and i see that there is no national decision to form the mughal empire. Is there another way to form the mughals with Delhi and if so how am i.The Mughal Empire and Historical Reputation. EU4 Timurids - Mughals Guide. EU4 An in depth guide to trade - Duration.Next up, three of Paradox's grand-strategy titles are getting new $20 tier. Trade Company Investments Upgrade and improve the provinces tied to your. New Mughal Culture Bonus The Mughal Empire can assimilate and. Contract trading services. Check out this page for more information about forming the Mughals.And the required cultures are Iranian, Turkmeni, Uzbehk, or Kyrgyz.Perhaps you can culture-switch as Delhi from Hindvi and then form the Mughals.Culture switching requires you to move your capital to one of the cultures listed above and then change the culture in your other provinces to the capital provinces.

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I'm not entirely sure how it works though, so many someone more qualified could say haha.To culture shift you would have to sell off enough provinces of other cultures to make the culture in your new capital the majority culture of your nation.At that point, you will get a decision to Accept Cultural Shift for -5 stab. Kings of the castle the forty-person strategy game of Europa. eu4-castle-big-17. The Mughals wanted to set up a spice trade, a funnel of goods that. money of the Mughal empire and the whole continent is gearing up for.This is really my first non European game, as I decided to wait until the new technology changes to come out. The year is 1510, and I went from the Timurids and am now the Mughal Empire. I took humanist ideas first, as I was getting rebels non-stop with my 'cruel' ruler +2 national unrest.Name suggests, has an Indian focus, with new in-depth mechanics for the Mughal Empire, as well as a new system for managing trade companies and charter companies in the Indian, African and Asian trade zones. Simulation, Strategy.

Ajam has a number of countries it can form as it is Persian culture and has a Timurid leader.If you have formed the Timurids you may also form Yuan as your primary culture switches to Uzbek upon forming the Timurids.You can also easily form Persia if you can defeat the Timurids in a war. Point zero local trade copier. Finally, you can form the Mughals if you can take Delhi.Of these nations, Persia is by far the easiest to form, while the Mughals are the best nation to form in most situations due to their powerful ideas and amazing government bonuses(requires Dharma DLC), although forming them will take a lot longer than forming Persia.Yuan has some of the best national ideas in the game, although in order to form them you need to form the Timurids requiring you to enthrone a Timurid prince, defeat the Ming, and take the Mandate of Heaven.This makes forming the Yuan extremely time consuming and difficult, so it is not recommended in most scenarios.

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$MONARCH$ has begun to lay the foundation of his new empire.Although inferior in numbers, his well-disciplined troops have managed to achieve several decisive victories against the Sultans of India.The battle of $CAPITAL$ became the first great victory in a series of territorial expansions and, with time, the empire of the Mughals could stretch over the larger part of the Indian plateau. Web trade coin. At the mere age of 15, monarch has taken his father's position as head of the Shiite Turkmen tribe.He has quickly established a base of power in the northwest and proclaimed himself Shah of Iran.Several of the neighboring regions have been conquered and the possibility of a resurrected Iranian nation doesn't seem so absent anymore.

What is in your oppinion the most interesting lands to play with and what years to start ? So far for me best where - Byzanz post 1.2 - extremely hard, still playing now and then - USA starting at 1776 - very interesting but short due to the late time starting - Osmans - just classical standing before vienna years before they really did ; - Portugal going to america gets boring after.Coming later this year, the Europa Universalis IV Dharma DLC expansion promises to add new content to India. Take hold of the Peacock Throne in Europa Universalis IV‘s latest DLC pack entitled.Ottoman Campaign Strategy for Western Expansion. your protectorates, and you have trade established with them, the Mughal Empire, Genoa, and Venice. Forex conquered john person. [[Mughals got a major buff in 1.26 patch/Dharma update.They have some cool new mechanics and massive new mission tree.In the new patch, you can form Mughals fairly fast with Delhi.

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But this guide will follow Timurids into Mughals, as Timurids start as a strong nation and a great power and once you get over the initial vassal disloyalty phase, you can become unstoppable in the region.This guide will be divided in 3 phases so we can focus on key objectives better-Phase I - Vassals, Schmassals Start to Jan 1st, 1454Objective- Pacify and integrate vassals Early impediments- The king Shah Rukh is 67 years old and is going to die soon.The king has a unique modifier that gives -50% liberty desire (LD) in subjects plus an additional -5% from being benevolent. So once he dies all your vassals will be disloyal and declare independence war against you. OPENING MOVES-Conquest of Ajam On December 11th, set Ajam as rivals and declare immediately. But if they ally Mamluks or Ottomans, I recommend you restart the game. Phase II- Mughalization Objective- Form Mughals ** Prerequisites-** Have a core on Delhi and one of these provinces- Doab, Central Doab, Lahore.Alternatively, If you really don’t want to restart, you can either release Sistan from vassalization or convert one of the vassals to march, and sink a lot of monarch points in developing your vassals provinces to buy down LD. Another event that I recommend restarting for, is if your King dies before December 11th. Achievements Sweet Home Qaraqorum- Assimilating all mongolian culture provinces is not that hard with Mughals CCR stacking and fairly powerful army.You want to be at war when that happens as your vassals cannot declare independence when you are at war. I hope this guides helps out players who are looking to try Mughals in the new patch.

Reminder that you get -3 diplo rep and -30 opinion modifier with vassals when you integrate a vassal. Mughals are OP but now they also have some new challenges. I would also recomend to take the cores of ajam that border other people, so they wont be stolen.When integrating more than one vassal, diplo rep modifier doesn’t stack up, but opinion modifier does. CCC is not a problem at all, so I would recommend going humanist first.I dont think its worth getting the transoxxianian cores back as you want to integrate your vasalls at the same time to avoid the -3 dip rep debuff from stopping integration. Thị trường ngoại hối ed ponsi. Attacking Uzbek for Transoxiana's cores should be in there, they get a tiny bit bigger in exchange for huge LD bonuses. I did not ally Otto, but made a few marches in the Caucusus area.You don;t even have to fight them the vassals will do all of the work, lowering your LD even further. That way I had a rival for a long time with 1 monatcs point, and Otto had to go to Europe because I had Syria Is that actually true? I don't remember AI ever declaring independence war while you were at war, but they're not blocked, right?Uzbek always allies the crap out of everyone, so attacking them early is crucial especially if you want to move your capitol to eastern Russia to open trade companies. Because2) Move capitol to Europe (probably in the Caucusus area), turn all Indian territories into trade companies, and send the trade to the Persian trade node. If this always works, then Timurids are trivial as fuck.

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How much admin to re-core states in persia and india would you consider worth to move your capital to europe to gain access to the asian trade companies with 60% CCR(25% Mughal, 25% Adaptation and 10% Hindustani assimilation)?Not sure what you're asking; moving capital to Europe doesn't require any re-coring, just an upfront admin point cost (200 base, increased if target province is less developed than original).Some changes I would suggest:1.) Do not attack Uzbek. Hoc trade all. Sure, they have cores of Transoxiana, but not your cores, and honestly that land is shit.It isn't worth going to war with Golden Horde and Kazan over a few shit provinces.Better to insta-integrate Transoxiana or Fars and use the rest of the vassals as a vassal swarm2.) At some point, know you'll have to break your alliance with the Ottomans. Kurdish land comes under the Iranian culture group, which gives advisor costs -10%.

Mughal empire trading guide eu4

In my case, it happened quite early, when I was still Timurid, as I expanded west to get a European province. A very good bonus to have midgame.3.) Corruption can easily be bought down with ducats.The 0.8 corruption isn't much when you account for the sheer number of provinces you'll conquer as Mughals.The key here is to stay on par with tech.4.) Leave Siberia and the north for last. The provinces are shitty and will only add to your corrupion.5.) As Timurids, you'll get a lot of unrest from your provinces because you're Uzbek, which is in the usless Altaic group.You can culture shift to Iranian and get the unrest reduction as you'll be the Iranian empire, this automatically accepting all Iranian cultures.Overall, I find this guide to be quite formulaic, so after a while, be prepared to find your WC run turn boring af. Just FYI, Ajam isn't always available as a Rival at game start, or even by December 11.