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Tanker Trainee Broker, Singapore. Job Reference PR/010419. Reporting to the Head of Tankers, you will work alongside colleagues in various offices to gain.When you take into account the extra costs a large brokering shop has in terms. in the price of chartering a ship can increase revenues by 25 pct. about chartering and ship broker salaries, chartering and ship broker jobs.Job pelaut atau lowongan kerja pelaut terbaru terangkum di sini. Semua lowongan kerja kapal tanker, tugboat, cargo, roro, bulk carrier, curah, dll. Untuk posisi rating, officer, OS, AB, OILER. Be careful for brokers practice or scams. Goodluck!NORDEN operates worldwide in dry cargo and tanker vessel types. For both job types, your everyday life is playing in an international context, often English. Ocb tuyển nhân viên ngoại hối. Connecticut-based chemicals and tanker brokerage Odin Marine Group has signed a letter of intent to combine operations with Rotterdam's RVB Company in Europe within the year.For over 70 years Poten & Partners has been providing ship brokerage services to the energy sector.We currently serve hundreds of clients representing oil majors, refiners, producers, traders, ship owners and pool operators.Our team of tanker brokers is located in London, Houston and New York allowing us to service you around the globe, around the clock.

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We take a cooperative ‘’one-desk’’ approach with teamwork as the crux of our philosophy among all of Poten’s offices, thereby providing the highest level of access and service possible.Our unified team provides clients with real-time insight into both global and niche market developments with expertise in vessel classes encompassing Handy sized tankers through Very Large Crude Carriers.We take the time to not only follow cargo movements and shipping trends but also to understand the fundamentals of crude oil and all of its various refined products. Our commitment to clients spans across the life of a transaction.Our brokers and industry leading operations team actively work with clients from the initiation to the completion of a fixture ensuring a successful and efficient experience for each charter.At Poten, we avoid a one-size fits all approach, instead we focus on specific client needs with individually tailored methodologies through all aspects of research, consulting, brokerage and operations.

It is this approach, incorporating decades of experience, a wealth of corporate knowledge and individual savvy, and unwavering commitment throughout a fixture that allows us to distinguish ourselves as the premier tanker brokerage firm.We are working with one of the largest global shipbroking companies in the world who are searching for dirty/clean broker to join their Singapore team.Reporting to the Head of Tankers, you will work alongside colleagues in various offices to gain exposure to the full shipping markets. Forex trading review sites. Ideally, you will have a maritime related degree and industry related experience, either a junior broking role, or an internship/work placement.You will be a focused individual with strong attention to detail that would thrive in a fast paced environment.We are looking for someone with: - Demonstrable data handling skills, information management - Strong communications skills - Basic knowledge of broking will be a distinct advantage - Excellent team player who take initiative - Good knowledge of owners will be a distinct advantage - Fresh graduates encouraged to apply too Candidates must be based in Singapore with existing rights to work.If this is something you would be interested in then please apply on the website or send your cv to RSmart@

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View 118 Tanker jobs at jobsDB, create free email alerts and never miss another career opportunity. 118 jobs–Page 1 of 5. Clean Product Tanker Broker.Shipping 360 Ltd is a new Shipbroking company specialising in Sale & Purchase and Time Charter Projects in the Tanker, Dry Cargo and Off shore sectors.Search Ship broker jobs. Get the right Ship broker job with company ratings & salaries. 277 open jobs for Ship broker. Trade shows charlotte nc. .Looking for Tanker Broker jobs? Then call today to find out about Tanker Broker jobs plus other shipping company vacancies.As a shipbroker you may begin your career as a trainee; after graduation you will. This programme includes on-the-job training as well as e-learning and. keeping in touch with ship owners, charterers, brokers and yards, taking part in.

They also went through the formalities of entering and clearing vessels at the customs-house.They collected the freight on vessels brought into port and took an active hand in the management of all business matters between ship-owners and merchants, whether shippers or consignees, for which they were paid a fee.In major British ports, ship-brokers were also usually insurance-brokers. Hệ thống giao dịch forex genesis matrix. [[Some brokerage firms have developed into large companies, incorporating departments specialising in shipping's various sectors, e.g.Dry Cargo Chartering, Tanker Chartering, Container Chartering, Sale & Purchase, Demolition, Futures and Research; other "boutique" shipbroking firms concentrate on specific sectors of the shipping market.The principal shipping and shipbroking centres worldwide are London, New York City, Singapore and Tokyo, as well as where many shipowners are based such as Oslo and Athens.

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Other places continue to develop in international shipping services, such as Hong Kong and Shanghai, Delhi and Mumbai, Copenhagen, Geneva, Genoa, Hamburg and Paris in Europe; and in North America, Connecticut, Houston and Montreal are important shipbroking centres.Until the late 20th century, it was commonplace for shipbrokers to cover more than one discipline, although nowadays the vast majority of shipbrokers specialize in a specific sector.Like many financial services, historically shipbroking grew out of the City coffee houses, becoming established at the Baltic Exchange; among its most famous members being Ernest Simpson, ex-husband of The Duchess of Windsor (died 1972), and Alderman the Lord Mountevans. Cách đăng xuất olymp trade. The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers sets educational standards throughout the industry worldwide, whose Fellows are accorded the privilege of using the post-nominal letters FICS.Sale & Purchase ("S&P") brokers handle the buying and selling of existing vessels in the secondhand market or contract new ships (called newbuildings in industry parlance) from shipbuilding yards.S&P brokers promote opportunities and discuss market trends with shipowners, charterers, investors and bankers, as well as reporting on market sales, vessel values, market trends and activity.

When a shipowner has a vessel to sell or is looking for a vessel to acquire, the shipbroker will scour the market for buyers, or for suitable sales candidates, discuss with potential counterparties or their broker the main points of the sale transaction and eventually negotiate all of the details, usually based on a standard contract.During such proceedings, shipbrokers not only negotiate the price of the vessel on behalf of their principals but also all the logistical details for the transfer of the title and the vessel itself to the buyers (new owners), including the banking arrangements.During any negotiation minor disputes may occur which are to be handled in accordance with market fluctuation, i.e. Một số mẫu môi trường trên thế giới. The market may be moving in favor of the buyer (vessel price is softening) or in favor of the seller (vessel price is strengthening) giving each party a potential reason to cancel the transaction.When shipbrokers act on behalf of passive investors or financial buyers, they may also have to find time charter employment for the vessel and assist with practical arrangements such as the appointment of ship managers.Some S&P brokers specialize in the sale of ships for scrap, requiring a different set of skills and contacts.

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Dry Cargo brokers are typically specialists in the chartering of Bulk carriers, and are engaged to act either for a shipowner looking for employment for a ship, or a charterer with a cargo to be shipped.Dry Cargo brokers maintain large databases of vessel positions, cargoes and rates, paying constant attention to the direction of the markets so as to advise their clients accurately as to how to maximize profits or minimize expenses.Dry Cargo shipping can, in general terms, be categorized by Vessel size: namely, Bulkers such as Capesizes, Panamaxes and Handysize. Cách kinh doanh ngoại hối. Each size of vessel suits different types of cargo and trade routes/ports.Many owners, charterers and brokers tend to specialize in one or other of these sectors.Tanker brokers specialize in the chartering of Tankers, which requires a different skillset, knowledge and contacts from Dry Cargo broking.

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Tanker brokers may specialize in crude oil, gas, oil products or chemical tankers.Tanker brokers similarly negotiate maritime contracts, known as Charter Parties.The main terms of negotiation are freight/hire and demurrage. Ngành môi giới bất động sản nhiều tiền không. Oil being a fast moving trade, freight rates for crude oil tanker charters are most commonly based on the Worldscale Index; the Worldscale Association publishes flat rates annually.For some specific voyages, such as named voyages (i.e. Container brokers specialize in the chartering of container ships and provide container shipowners and charterers with market-related information and opportunities.From A to B) and for specialist ships, like LNG tankers (a highly specialized sector of the tanker market), freight rates can be agreed on a lumpsum (or dollar per ton) fixed rate between both parties. Shipping Futures brokers specialise in negotiating maritime futures contracts.