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The Confederation of German Trade Unions German Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, DGB is an umbrella organisation sometimes known as a national trade union center for eight German trade unions, in total representing more than 6 million people 31 December 2011.This is a list of federations of trade unions. Those federations listed under each country are also known as national trade union centres and are organizations formed by trade unions which operate, in most cases, at the national level. The organizations listed in the worldwide section are industry/sectoral-specific i.e. the GUFs and international organizations representing national trade.Confederation of National Trade Unions. Confederation of National Trade Unions CNTU, or Confédération des syndicats nationaux, CSN was called the Canadian Catholic Confederation of Labour CCCL from its beginnings in 1921 until 1960, when the organization abandoned its religious identity.International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. Other major members are the German Trade Union Federation, the French General Confederation of Labour–Workers’ Force, three Italian labour federations, and Poland’s Solidarity union. By the late 20th century the ICFTU had more than 200 member organizations representing 125,000,000 workers in 140. How did slave trade stop being profitable. In To the Masses: Proceedings of the Third Congress of the Communist International, 1921 (https:// pp. Or in Toward the United Front: Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, 1922 (https:// pp. Abd al Malik Grandson of Abd al-Qadir; born in Damascus, went to Morocco 1902; declared war against French rule during World War I with support from Germany; later collaborated with Spanish in Morocco against French.Abd al-Qadir (1808-83) Algerian Islamic scholar; from 1832 leader of guerrilla struggle against French invasion of Algeria; forced to surrender 1847 and exiled.Abdul Hamid II (1842-1918) Sultan and autocrat of Ottoman Empire 1876-1909; forced from office after ‘Young Turk’ revolution 1908.Abilov, Ibrahim Manarramoghh (1881-1923) Member of Azerbaijani Hümmet [Equality] party and RSDLP from 1905; emigrated to Persia 1908; editor of 1912; deputy to Azerbaijani Parliament 1918-20; joined Azerbaijan CP 1920; appointed diplomatic representative of soviet Azerbaijan in Turkey 1921.

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The biggest organization is the German Confederation of Trade Unions Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, DGB, which is the umbrella.Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and. Industry. low commodity prices have fallen, as has trade; external imbalances are. from Grupo Privado para la Competitividad Nacional from the. European countries the Netherlands 4th, Germany. Union post-Brexit are 1 to adopt European Economic.The Luxembourg Confederation of Christian Trade Unions Luxembourgish Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtleche Gewerkschaftsbond, French Confédération Luxembourgeoise des Syndicats Chrétiens, abbreviated to LCGB, is a Luxembourgish trade union confederation. As the LCGB abides by the principles of Christian social teachings. Htc trading. AFL American Federation of Labor; affiliates included most U. Ali Pasha, Mehmed Emin (1815-71) Ottoman diplomat and statesman; five times grand vizier 1852-71; a leader of Tanzimat administrative reform process.Al-Sharif, Sayyid Ahmad (1875-1933) Senussi leader of struggle to drive French out of Chad and Italians out of Libya; fought British forces in Egypt during War; left Libya 1918 and took refuge in Turkey and later Arabia.American Federation of Labor [AFL] US craft union organisation founded 1881; 3.9 million members in 1921; split 1935-6 with formation of Congress of Industrial Organizations; reunited 1955.

By far the biggest trade union confederation in Ger-many is the German Confederation of Trade Unions DGB, founded in 1949, whose eight affiliated trade unions represented around 6.2 million members at the end of 2011, more than three-quarters of all trade union members in the country. The DGB representsDGB – German Trade Union Confederation. The German Trade Union Confederation DGB - Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund is the umbrella organization for.THE GERMAN BLUE ANGEL FOR TOILET REQUISITES. Trade unions doubt the ability of an eco-label to achieve customer advisory service by. The Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions FNV in general welcomes eco-labelling. 21 BVP is the Bureau de Vérification de la Publicité'. findings Udo de Haes et ai. Làm sao trụ nghề môi giới bất động sản. Anarchism Doctrine and movement favouring replacement of political and state authority by a self-regulated society of individuals and freely formed groups.Andrews, William (1870-1950) Born in England; moved to South Africa 1893; miner and unionist; first chair of Labour Party 1909; left it to form antiwar International Socialist League 1915; first general secretary of South African CP 1921; withdrew from leadership posts in CP 1925; expelled 1932; readmitted 1938; chair of CP during 1940s.Angell, Norman (1872-1967) English writer; winner of Nobel Peace Prize 1933.Anseele, Edward (1856-1938) A founder and leader of Belgian Workers Party from 1885; aimed to break capitalist economic control through cooperatives; Belgian minister of public works 1918-21, of railways, post and telegraph 1925-7, and of state 1930.

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Antel, Sadrettin Celal (Orhan) (1890-1954) Educator; joined Istanbul Communist Group 1919; editor of their (Clarity) 1921; secretary of Turkish delegation at 4WC; sentenced to seven years of imprisonment 1925; left CP after his release eighteen months later; continued to write for progressive publications.Appel, Jan [Hempel] (1890-1985) Joined SPD 1908; active in radical left in Hamburg during War; member KPD 1919, supported its ultraleft wing; founding member of KAPD; Third World Congress delegate; in prison 1923-5; lived in Holland from 1926 as member of Internationalist Communist Group; from 1948 a member of Spartacusbund. (1859-1940) Secretary of British General Federation of Trade Unions 1907-38; elected president of Amsterdam International July-August 1920; resigned November 1920 because of opposition of British Trades Union Congress. ] Born in Ardebil province of Iran; joined Bolsheviks 1912; a founding leader of Adalat [Iran Justice] Party; elected secretary of CP Central Committee June 1920; head of Iranian CP delegation to Third World Congress.Arditi del Popolo (People’s Commandos) United anti-fascist workers’ defence organisation in Italy; founded June 1921. First precise trading limited. German Confederation of Trade Unions DGB Germany. represents 45 million members from 90 trade union organisations in 38 European countries, plus 10.Member Highlights. Our members are committed to their union. Read about their great work and share your own story. Don't count us out.This is a list of trade unions and union federations by country. Syndicat de la Magistrature; Historic unions. German Confederation of Trade Unions.

Thus Treitschke deemed the German Confederation to be in a weak and. 'mentalities and outlooks', 'trade and economy' and other decisive variables. the German Confederation this lasting und permanent union would have to. 17 Ch. Dupuis, La politique internationale de l'Europe la confédération germanique et la.In February 2012, the European Trade Union Confederation and the Trade. de un acuerdo comercial entre el Ecuador y la Unión Europea, Documento de. the exception of Germany and Italy, imports from these countries have been increasing since 2012. Lima, as well as in Quito and Sao Paulo all since 201597.Unions 4 vet. Project presentation - Claudia Oehl, German Trade Union Confederation. 2. Objectives • Strengthen the cooperation of trade unions with their respective partner organisations in the field of vocational education and training apprenticeships in Italy, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, and Slovakia • Promote the active involvement. [[Australian Socialist Party Formed 1910; declared support for Comintern December 1919; participated in founding CP of Australia [CPA] October 1920, but split off in December over opposition to stance on Labor Party; sent representatives to Third World Congress; following Comintern recognition of CPA in August 1922 most ASP members joined CPA.[Forward] Central daily organ of Italian SP; began publication 1896.Azimonte, Carlo (1888-1958) Factory worker in youth; socialist from 1904; trade-union staffer from 1911; member CGL National Council 1912; supported its reformist wing; mayor of Busto Arsizio 1919-21; CGL delegate to RILU founding congress 1921; forced out of trade-union activity under Fascist rule.

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Azzario, Isidoro (1884-1959) Railway worker; Socialist and union activist; a leader of Italian CP’s trade union work from 1921; elected to Central Committee 19; 4WC delegate; forced in exile from 1926; member RILU Executive 1926; jailed in Panama during Latin American mission 1927 and in Italy 1928-40.Bacci, Giovanni (1857-1928) Joined Italian SP 1903; became editor of 1912; elected to national party leadership 1914; supported Maximalist faction at 1921 Livorno Congress; took part in SP’s parliamentary resistance to Fascism 1924-6.Badulescu, Alexandru [Ghitza Moscu] (1895-1938) Leader of commercial employees union; joined Romanian SP before War; Romanian CP delegate to Third World Congress, becoming its representative on ECCI; given high position in Moldavia Autonomous Soviet Republic while living in USSR; arrested and executed during Stalin purges. Bakunin, Mikhail (1814-76) Russian anarchist; leader of split with Marxist forces in First International.Baldesi, Gino (1879-1934) Self-educated worker; SP journalist; assistant secretary of Italian union federation (CGL) 1918; a leader of reformist wing of Italian SP and trade unions 1920-1; left SP with reformist forces October 1921; vainly sought accommodation between CGL unions and Fascists; withdrew from political activity 1927. Balfour, Arthur James (1848-1930) Conservative Party prime minister of United Kingdom 1902-5; foreign secretary 1916-19.Balkan Communist Federation Coordinating body for Communist parties of Balkans; formed 1915 as Balkan Revolutionary Social Democratic Federation, an alliance of Socialist parties opposed to imperialist war; renamed Balkan Communist Federation 1920. Ballod, Karl [Kärlis Balodis] (1864-1931) Latvian economist and statistician; economics professor in Berlin from 1905 and in Riga from 1919.

Baratono, Adelchi (1875-1947) Founding member of Italian SP 1892; member of Intransigent wing of PSI that polemicised with reformists; co-opted to national leadership 1919; supported Maximalist faction at Livorno; elected deputy to parliament 1921; joined reformist PSU 1923; rejoined PSI 1925.Barberet French metalworker; member of CP 1921; signed Renoult statement ‘against united front with the [reformist] leaders’ November 1922; 4WC delegate; nominated for CP leadership by 4WC.Barbusse, Henri (1873-1935) French novelist; wrote about experiences in French army during War; joined CP 1923. Barth, Emil (1879-1941) Joined SPD 1908, USPD 1917; chair of Revolutionary Shop Stewards in Berlin; February to November 1918; member of SPD-USPD government November to December 1918; remained in rump USPD after Halle Congress 1920; chairman of factory councils 1921; rejoined SPD in 1922 fusion.Bauer, Gustav (1870-1944) Deputy chairman of General Commission of ADGB union federation 1908-18; supporter of SPD right wing; German chancellor 1919-20; left SPD in disgrace for corruption scandal 1925.Bauer, Max (1869-1929) German officer, rightist politician, and arms merchant; a leader of Kapp putsch against German republic 1920; active in German military dealings with Soviet Union in framework of Rapallo treaty 1923-24.

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Bauer, Otto (1881-1938) Leader and theoretician of Austrian Social Democracy; secretary of its parliamentary fraction 1907-14; prisoner of war in Russia 1914-17; Austrian minister of foreign affairs 1918-19; opponent of October Revolution and Comintern; leader of Two-and-a-Half International 1921-3; member of Bureau and Executive of Socialist International from 1923; forced into exile 1934. Beaconsfield See Disraeli, Benjamin Bebel, August (1840-1913) Turner; a founder of German socialist movement; collaborator of Marx and Engels; central leader of SPD from its foundation until his death; author of ; opposed revisionism in SPD but eventually moved toward centrist positions.Becker, Karl (1894-1942) Typographer; member SPD 1912; joined International Communists of Germany (IKD) during War; member German CP January 1919; left CP with ultraleft current September 1919; rejoined March 1920; 4WC delegate; member CC 1923; opposed Stalinist current in German CP and removed from leadership posts 1928; in exile from 1934; arrested in France and delivered to Nazis; executed.Bedacht, Max [Marshall] (1883-1972) Born in Germany; barber, journalist; joined Swiss SP 1905; moved to US and joined SP 1908; supported its left wing during War; joined CP 1919; a leader of ‘Liquidator’ wing of CP that favoured functioning openly; Third World Congress delegate; expelled for ‘leftism’ 1948; later reinstated. Belgian Workers Party Formed 1885 when SP of Belgium merged with trade unions and cooperatives; chauvinist position during War; 700,000 members 1921, including affiliated unionists and cooperativists.Bell, Thomas (1882-1944) Scottish foundry worker; joined ILP 1900; a founder and leader of Socialist Labour Party from 1903; leading figure in wartime shop stewards’ movement; a founder of British CP 1920 and head of its propaganda department to 1925; Third World Congress delegate; remained leading member of CP until his death.Belloni, Ambrogio (1864-1950) Lawyer; joined Italian SP 1897; elected to national leadership 1907; founding member of Communist Faction 1919 and of CP 1921; Third World Congress delegate; sentenced to five years imprisonment by Fascist regime 1926.

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Beneš, Edvard (1884-1948) Member Czechoslovak National Socialist party; foreign minister 1918-35; prime minister September 1921 to October 1922; president, 1935--48.Bentivoglio, Giorgio Member of Maximalist wing of Italian SP; maker of its motion at 1921 Livorno Congress defining PSI relations to Comintern.Berce, Augusts (1890-1921) Joined Latvian SDP 1905; elected to CC of Latvian CP 1919; soviet Latvia people’s commissar for social welfare; returned to Riga 1920 to work in Communist underground; arrested 1921 and executed. Bergson, Henri (1859-1941) French philosopher; developed a ‘process philosophy’ emphasising motion, change, and evolution. Curso day trade. Berkman, Alexander (1870-1936) Born in Russian Empire; emigrated to US about 1888; anarchist; imprisoned fourteen years for attempted assassination of notorious capitalist; partner of Emma Goldman; jailed for opposition to War and subsequently deported to Russia; first supported, then opposed Bolshevik rule; emigrated 1921; continued anarchist activity in Western Europe.Bernstein, Eduard (1850-1932) German socialist; collaborator of Engels; theorist of revisionist current in SPD from 1898; member of USPD during War; opponent of Comintern; rejoined SPD 1919; Reichstag deputy 1902-7, 1912-18, 1920-8.Béron, Émile (1896-1966) Metalworker; union leader and SP member in Lorraine after war; founding member of French CP; member 4WC Presidium; expelled 1924; readmitted 1926; elected parliamentary deputy 1928; expelled again 1932; re-elected as independent left candidate 19; supported Popular Front 1936; voted powers to Pétain 1940; in underground under Vichy; withdrew from political activity after Liberation.