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To see the first video, go to https//Sending ships to a node will give you extra trade-power there, so you should ideally send them to nodes where that extra power would make a difference. It's my understanding that any node that has trading-power will implicitly steer or collect, so sending ships there would have some effect.I really don't understand trade ships I have a lot of time in eu4, and I have a vague idea of how the trade system works, but i just dont understand light ships. If I tell them to protect trade in an area, then look at my trade income, and it seems like it hardly makes any difference, and even when it does it does not cover the maintenance costs.This allows you to recruit explorers to your navies. You should do this to a group of three light ships before sending them on mission to explore the new world. 4. Increase your Colonial Range Top binary option ebook. It aims to protect, preserve and improve the environment for present and future generations, proposing and implementing policies that ensure a.Starting from their advent in early 1980's, many video. Universalis IV EU4 for early modern to industrial age, and. Hearts of. such as protecting sea trade, exploration of the unknown regions, blockade rival ports and attack enemy ships. The game divides ships into two broad categories galleys which.Europa Universalis is a game in which windows of opportunity eventually close. The person who is kicking you all around the map in 1480 is taking one of the best shots they can. They have the right alliances, the right diplomatic situation, the right technologies, and the right army and commanders.

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It depends on your share in the trade node. When you have a low share, you should send your light ship as privateers. In history, England used.The Spanish treasure fleet, or West Indies Fleet from Spanish Flota de Indias, also called silver. Spanish ships had brought goods from the New World since Christopher Columbus's first expedition of 1492. Much of the wealth from this trade was used by the Spanish Habsburgs to finance armies to protect its European.A nation may only have as many level 3 trade centers World Port, and World Trade Center as they have merchants. Nodes edit This section may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. A secondary route was that of the Manila Galleons or Galeón de Manila which linked the Philippines to Acapulco in Mexico across the Pacific Ocean.From Acapulco, the Asian goods were transhipped by mule train to Veracruz to be loaded onto the Caribbean treasure fleet for shipment to Spain.Maritime archaeology has shown that the quantity of goods transported was sometimes higher than that recorded at the Archivo General de Indias.

The number of sailors consumed in the construction of a new ship depends on the size and type of ship. Protect Trade This is the trade node patrol mode that has always been in. EU4. • Privateer Mission This is. CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Paradox Interactive offers many levels of service for our customers and members.Any easy way to calculate optimal light ships for trade? I have a suspicion the answer is no but I'm asking anyway. As Venice, I'm trying to set up a Malacca-Bengal-Ceylon-Aden-Alexandria-Venice trade route.I know there are many Contribute to Stigni/EU development by creating an. Having the ships out of port for the Protect Trade mission costs −1 sailor per ship. Học forex maxi forex. The flow of precious metals also made many traders wealthy, both in Spain and abroad.The increase in gold and silver on the Iberian market sometimes caused high inflation in the 17th century, affecting the Spanish economy.As a consequence, the Crown was forced to delay the payment of some major debts, which had negative consequences for its lenders, mostly foreign bankers.By 1690 some of these lenders could no longer offer financial support to the Crown.

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The Spanish monopoly over its West and East Indies colonies lasted for over two centuries.The economic importance of exports later declined with the drop of production of the American precious metal mines, such as Potosí.However, the growth in trade was strong in the early years. Numbering just 17 ships in 1550, the fleets expanded to more than 50 much larger vessels by the end of the century.By the second half of the 17th century, that number had dwindled to less than half of its peak.As economic conditions gradually recovered from the last decades of the 17th century, fleet operations slowly expanded again, once again becoming prominent during the reign of the Bourbons in the 18th century.

Preferably at trade nodes that flow directs to your domestic node or to protect your. the English Canal then you should send enough light ships to the North Sea and Riga so. This new search engine reveals so much more.I think EU4 trade system is the best in any strategic game I have played. How much depends on province trade goods and modifiers. Protect or Privateer Any ship can be sent to protect or privateer trade in any trade node.I noticed my Privateers worked better for power projection by splitting them up. I've decided to keep my light ships all split up, just in case some mechanic benefits them being spread out. I also got a weird thing with my Protect Trade fleets As France, I got a *loss* in trade by assigning them to protect Burgundy. Mo tk forex co thuong. [[Temporary British seizures of Havana and Manila (1762–4), during the Seven Years' War, were dealt with by using more, smaller fleets visiting a greater variety of ports.In 1790, the Casa de Contratación was abolished, bringing to an end the great general purpose fleets.Thereafter small groups of naval frigates were assigned specifically to transferring goods or bullion as required.

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Despite the general perception that many Spanish galleons were captured by foreign privateers, few fleets were actually lost to enemies in the course of the flota's two and a half centuries of operation.Only Piet Hein managed to capture the fleet in 1628 and bring its cargo to the Dutch Republic.The 1702 West Indies fleet was destroyed in the Battle of Vigo Bay during the War of the Spanish Succession, when the fleet was surprised at port unloading its goods, but the Spanish sailors had already unloaded most of its cargo. In the case of the Manila galleons, only four were ever captured by British warships in nearly three centuries: the Santa Anna by Thomas Cavendish in 1589, the Encarnación in 1709 by Woodes Rogers, the Covadonga by George Anson in 1743, and the Santísima Trinidad in 1762. Live trading sparnfx systems. Two other British attempts were foiled by the Rosario in 1704 and the Begonia in 1710.Every year, two fleets left Spain loaded with European goods in demand in Spanish America, which were guarded by military vessels.The silver from Mexico and Peru were the valuable cargo from the Americas.

Fleets of fifty or more ships sailed from Spain to the Mexican port of Veracruz and other to Panama and Cartagena.From the Spanish ports of Seville or Cádiz, the two fleets bound for the Americas sailed together down the coast of Africa, and stopped at the Spanish territory of the Canary Islands for provisions before the voyage across the Atlantic.Once the two fleets reached the Caribbean, the fleets separated. List of scam brokers. The New Spain fleet sailed to Veracruz in Mexico to load not only silver and the valuable red dye cochineal, but also porcelain and silk shipped from China on the Manila galleons.The Asian goods were brought overland from Acapulco to Veracruz by mule train.The Tierra Firme fleet, or galeones, sailed to Cartagena to load South American products, most especially silver from Potosí.

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Some ships went to Portobello on the Caribbean coast of Panama to load Peruvian silver that had been shipped from the Pacific coast port of Callao.The silver had then been transported across the isthmus of Panama by mule.Other ships went to the Caribbean island of Margarita, off the coast of Venezuela, to collect pearls which had been harvested from offshore oyster beds. After loading was complete, both fleets sailed for Havana, Cuba, to rendezvous for the journey back to Spain.Between 17 began the participation of Spanish corsair Amaro Pargo in the West Indies Fleet.In this period in which he was the owner and captain of the frigate El Ave María y Las Ánimas, a ship with which he sailed from the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to that of Havana.

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He reinvented the benefits of the Canarian-American trade in his estates, mainly destined to the cultivation of the vine of malvasía and vidueño, whose production (mainly the one of vidueño) was sent to America.The wreck of the cargo ship Encarnación, part of the Tierra Firme fleet, was discovered in 2011 with much of its cargo still aboard and part of its hull intact.The Encarnación sank in 1681 during a storm near the mouth of the Chagres River on the Caribbean side of Panama. The Encarnación sank in less than 40 feet of water.The Capitana (El Rubi) was the flagship of the 1733 fleet; it ran aground during a hurricane near Upper Matecumbe Key, then sank. Afterward, divers recovered most of the treasure aboard.The Capitana was the first of the 1733 ships to be found again in 1938.